The Color of Beach Sand- Kindra M. Austin

Sudden Denouement Collective

We had you pushed into the furnace;

spoiling organs and

leaking skin were

burned away.

Your pulverized bones

resemble beach sand in



Abandoned the wagon


Cos I’m a goddamned tyrant,

missing you, Mother—

been consuming for two

twelve hours, and I

will continue to imbibe until my barbican

heart has been razed.

This early morning,


I’ll make it to market by noon—

I learned how to function from you.


are you proud of me,


I ask your ashes kept in

keepsake urns. Ashes—

granules, the color of

beach sand.

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  1. Stephen, you just blew up my heart with your kindness. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal piece. Much love to you, friend. ❤

  2. I had to share this with you. When I went to Kindra’s blog, I left a note saying “I saw this on A Journal For Damned Livers”. I corrected the title but it had me giggling to myself. I hope it makes you chuckle too.

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