The Dark Reality


I look around my house and people around me. All of them pretend to be educated, to be these modern thinkers who are literate and have this huge, fancy degrees. But what is the use of all of these fancy degrees when at the end of the day, their mind is so narrow?

There was a headline is newspaper the other day,

Revealing clothes invites nirbhaya-like rapists: KV teacher.

A biology teacher of raipur kendriya vidyalaya said those lines. According to her, girls who wear lipsticks and wear jeans are asking for rape. It brings goosebumps to my soul to just read about such horrible thinking.

Women have achieved so much in their lives. They have reached the moon and touched the peak of mount Everest. In every field, they have proved their capability and showed the world that they are no lesser than anyone. It has been more than…

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