In Eternity


Sunday evenings and no school the day after. These were the best things a kid could ever ask for. Sega Megadrive and Pepsi. Packets of chicken flavoured crisps and then a walk through the woods with no idea of the time or how to get back home. There’s music. Something by The Beach Boys. Good Vibrations I think, echoing from the back garden of a nearby house that’s soon trailing behind us. Monty dog is running by my side and for miles and miles as we go, there’s just this sense of bliss that knows no end. I’m running as fast as I can, and Monty’s barking and snapping at the flies and bugs that dance around his nose. There are swamps we might fall into, but we leave them for dust. There are monsters out there that will crush our bones and drink our blood, but they can’t even get close. The sky starts off blue then goes purple followed by black, and as the insects buzz and chirp, the stars above appear so near, and as the two of us rush towards them, it seems as if maybe, just maybe, this time we might just reach them. I don’t know you yet, but you’re out there in a town not far away at all. It’ll be years until we cross paths and our story begins. How many horizons until I get to kiss your lips, and how many moons until I lose myself in those tricky eyes of yours? Time is so slow, and yet it flies by like it were nothing. One minute I’m kicking a football around on the street outside where I live, and then before you know it, I’m opening door after door not caring for anything other than the visions that lie beyond. To be free of chains, and to love without the need for explanations. To exist on my own terms, and to prove that there’s more to this life than a straight line. Through the woods, we move as quick as the night. Monty ahead now, but only because I’ve stopped to catch my breath, and as I stand there looking through the branches above my head, I see the same moon as you do. Maybe the beats of our childish hearts have always been aligned. Maybe this thing runs deeper than we’ll ever know.

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on

A Journal for Damned Lovers Volumes 1 & 2 on

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  1. This is brilliant and I know this story already. I’ve read it elsewhere (I think?). Maybe I just know it because, despite our age difference, we’ve lived similarish lives. I felt it in your words, the first time I read them. It gives me ex-cit-a-tions. Glad we’re friends x

    • I’ve written about Monty before in a similar manner, so I guess this piece feels familiar. And of course, like you said, we share the same footsteps. It’s always comforting to feel less alone, and to know someone else has seen the world in the same way as you x

  2. “To exist on my own terms, and to prove that there’s more to this life than a straight line.” I have been reading your work for almost two years, and you continue to hold the torch for all of us trying to find our way out of the fog with the written word.

    • Thank you, Jasper.

      That means a great deal to me, and I am touched you feel my words continue to interest and inspire others. That’s all we can really do, isn’t it? The only alternative is to just throw the towel in, which is what so many end up doing.

  3. Sege megadrive?!?! That sounds pretty awesome we have sega genesis and sega saturn. And my first console ever was a playstation with Tomb Raider. I could never get very far haha but I loved it.

    • The Megadrive is what the Genesis was called over here. Same console, just a different name. Kinda like how we had the SNES, and in other parts of the world, it was called the Super Famicom. I had a PlayStation, too. My favourite games were Resident Evil 🙂 xo

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