Bedtime Stories

tales of the restless


I try to make myself feel alright, but it leaves me feeling empty. I’m full of holes I fill with faded visions and imaginary conversations; the things that come to haunt me in the short hours between one day and the next.

I think I’m awake, but I’m stuck in a dream. The same sequence over and over again.

You were there for a while. We were on a bus. Then it stopped in the middle of the road and everyone was told to get off. My feet wouldn’t move fast enough. There was smoke and I lost you somewhere in the crowd.

Then everything dissolved.

Someone’s at the door. Has the darkness finally found me? I wake up in sweat and get out of bed.

The bell. The door. The stairwell.

I move through dark hallways. I never should have let you out of my sight. The light…

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  1. Indeed it is.. and I really liked the last ending part… One where you wrote “I never should have let you out of my sight. The light” 👍👍👍

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