birds & h e a r t s- ra’ahe khayat

Sudden Denouement Collective

we’re not humans without h e a r t s
but hearts without bodies,
being fed to strange birds
with s t r a n g e r heartbeats-
that nibble on our veins,
and pluck at our skins
until their beaks bleed,
and they h a n g themselves
from a ghost of our r i b s.

                                 -ra’ahe khayat//fallen alone

i write poems like people fall in love- nothing but tragedy is promised.

Ra’ahe Khayat is just another wild person with wilder thoughts, who thinks that writing them down might mean that the people around her won’t realize how out of touch with reality she really is, but she tends to write random gibberish in the randomest of places, so most already know. She likes intimate words, and weirdly surreal metaphors, and sad songs, and…

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