Indecent Calculations- David Lohrey

Sudden Denouement Collective

Miss Lion, Miss Lion! I have a question.

Miss Lion, Miss Lion! I have the answer.

The boys raise their hands and hope to be called on.

Miss Lion, however, has something else in mind.

She’s trying to decide which boy to suck off.


Standardized testing creates a lot of stress. English

teachers and their colleagues in geography, Spanish

and arts appreciation all have it easy. Female teachers

of geometry and algebra have fantasies of blowing

their fourteen-year-old male students.


Why this should be so is not easy to explain.

It wasn’t so in my day. Mrs. Mills, I can assure you,

had no such thing on her mind. It’s most definitely

generational. Like their male counterparts in the NFL,

these gals seem determined to take a knee.


Have you noticed it’s always 23-year-old blondes with husbands

who get caught in the front seat with naked adolescents?…

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