Pink and Red and Raw


Kids just kids just blood red gums and spit and cum and corked white wine and shaved hairs that tickle my tongue and the tips of my fingers and there’s a taxi outside but she’s not ready cause she’s bleeding yeah she’s bleeding it’s that time and I’m looking down at my junk which is red with her stuff so I smoke and have some more wine and it gets better but not by much so she’s got a temper on a big bad temper like a wolf and I’m the piggy and when she stumbles down the stairs her nostrils flare and she throws a cup at me for some reason which hits me on the shoulder and I cuss her and now she’s got her claws out there’s no telling what she’ll do but I like how milky her tits are and how they bounce around they remind me of childhood snow and semolina for pudding around my grandparents’ house as a kid and her smooth legs they feel like sand the holiday sand of those foreign beaches I’ve played upon and I think of that time I saw a nude woman on some beach in Spain and how she spread her tanned legs and between them it was pink and red and raw and like plastic and animal meat and it made me salivate and made me want to masturbate but I didn’t know how but still I tried and some stuff dribbled out but it was so lame yeah so once she’s ready she comes all snarling and wild and I sidestep and grab both her arms then pull them up behind her back and when she’s at my mercy I pull down her bra and pinch her nipples and tell her what I’m gonna do to her once we get back yeah I’m gonna choke her until she sees stars and then maybe yeah I’ll come all over her and make her lick me clean and she says that she hates me but whenever I pretend to be too tired she’s the one that does her best to wake me up by pinching and pulling my hair and when I’m cooking dinner she pulls down my trousers and hits me in the balls an even when I beg her to stop she just jumps up and down like a rat on my belly or something yeah like a rat or something it’s started raining though so it’s okay cause she likes the rain and just like that she settles down and paws my face and a few seconds later the taxi comes and as we’re walking out the door she flashes her teeth and those brown eyes they get in me and grow and swell and when she laughs it’s like I can’t help but want to eat her alive the same way these nights eat us and so here comes the city and here comes the lights and the taste of electricity and the dark glow of so many hidden planets above our flesh and bony ol’ bones that rattle and roll as the taxi takes us away.

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

A Journal for Damned Lovers on

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  1. You’re good with making me squirm just a bit. It was a rushed read without punctuation, which I’m sure was intentional on your behalf. It was more a roller coaster ride and its peak then leveled out peaceful at the end. Very nice.

    • I take great pleasure in that!
      It was my aim to tap into a moment and yes, I felt punctuation would’ve got in the way. Without it, there’s a nice energy and something visceral in the air, with an ending that hopefully gives some sense of resolution.

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