Honey and Monkeys and Bears and Dust


That scent of hers as she skips around it’s like donuts and fields of corn that sway in the breeze beneath a sky of milk white teeth and when she closes her eyes she becomes the corn and how she sways and how the sun becomes her and even though she’s broken and sometimes dead and that inked heart of hers so easily comes apart at the seams the world can’t help but move around her and each and every insect is drawn to her music and so am I but try as I might she avoids my gaze and I’m listening to Joanna Newsom and there’s honey and monkeys and bears and dust and when I wipe the tears from my eyes the birds come down from the sky and show me what it is to be a man and when I’m dizzy I catch her scent and get so giddy but no matter how much I quicken my pace still she avoids my gaze so here comes a smoke and the hot air of April days that might as well be summer and even though it’s not they’re not far off and as a dog chases its tail and spins in circles around my feet the leaves of the trees whisper her name and as the strings in my ears blossom and rise and sweep me along the dusty path my fingers tingle at the promise of just a glimpse but it never comes yet somehow it’s okay because the day is in my pocket and this blue and yellow and golden state of mind is forever and the desires in me might be strange and my ideas of love illogical and fanciful but they come from a place that’s sacred and these visions they’re born of love and love is her smile and love is her eyes and the drug and the addiction and the force and the reason for my madness yeah love’s not a cure for anything it’s a seed that blooms into madness and those that tell you otherwise have never felt true love so let them go so here comes her scent again and here comes the tingle in my fingers and the dryness of my mouth and as easy as that I’m smearing sweat and tears across my sunburnt face and life is beautiful and everything is as it should be.

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  1. “…love is her smile and love is her eyes and the drug and the addiction and the force and the reason for my madness…”

    I read this over and over because it sang like a song to me. ❤

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