Stargiver – Iulia Halatz

Sudden Denouement Collective

The stars that glisten

on October skies

are green

like water lamps.


I am plotting

a story for you…

Letters are meant

to be sent swirling

my brokenness cripples

my words.

I am silhouetted

letters can’t mix

I need another alphabet.

My alphabet of you

is made of syllables:





Do not despise

my syllabary

You have a tale

boiling in my chest…..

Once there was an olden boy

His heart grew on thistles

and faint grass

He followed the North Star

like moss

in the duplicated garden.

He told of journeys

in the heart of wind

and memorabilia

of small disasters…

Sparks of thysen

light my waterways

like glowworms

paths of fairies.

In dreams your glint

is stumped


by pink trees and cardboard flowers.

This is not your duplicated garden

it is my cardboard dominion.

There are rooms

For every room there is a wish


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