Lonesome Child


Through the trees I find myself spinning. Spin spin spinning to a song only I can hear, and when I breathe in and skip between the roots of all those watchful trees, I can feel the cosmos in my lungs, and even though they tell me this isn’t how I should live my life, I know it is, because I’ve felt the other side. I’ve caught a glimpse of something beyond what is known, and although it’s taken so many years to understand just what that is, it’s there, calling out my name, enticing me to take a step closer. And so I spin through these woods like the madman I am, not caring how far I’ve drifted from those I used to know. Deep deep down into the rabbit hole I go, and as I do, the music grows louder and louder until it reverberates through my skull taking me to the point of no return. In that sky blue above, the sun kisses the brow of its lonesome child. It spreads its warmth upon the land, and the animals, they feel its calling and rise from the undergrowth to follow in my footsteps, and as those footsteps quicken, so do theirs, and together we slip away. Slip slip slip to a place where the hand of man can’t find us, to a place where there’s magic and love in every word. Where those who don’t believe can’t see. Closing my eyes as the paws of the animals reach out to touch me, I laugh and cry and feel like a child, and just like that, my adult shell dissolves and the child within flies through the sky like Peter Pan, and there’s nothing to fear and nothing to regret, only this one moment that spins like the planets and moons around the stars that spin spin spin through the universe in one great dance that will surely know no end.

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  1. Returning to our most natural state, to answer to that call of the wild our hearts longed for us to answer to, to become who we were always, meant to be, to NOT care about what the rest of the world perceives us as…

  2. I sure need a moment like that and I’m glad for your sake. SOmetimes I think I never get there, because I never been there, so I can’t find the way. Great wriing of yours, as always.

      • You’ll love it! Unrelated, but I’m thinking of doing a post that puts the spotlight on a few authors I discovered on here and you’d be in it (w/your books) I’m guessing that’s okay, just wanted to let you know. Though I need to find the time to do it anyway, so it won’t appear just yet 🙂 x

      • I’d be honoured if you did, and of course, I’d help out in any way I can! I hope everything is going well for you, and the balance between work and play is in your court. I wish it were for me, but like I said, I’m pretty lame 😉 x

      • Ah, I’ll message you on Facebook when I get round to it! I’m not managing the balance very well tbh, I’ve been pretty stressed this last year, but the end is in sight, just a few more months. And you are so not lame, go wash your mouth out with soap right now! 😉 x

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