A Meadow – Kristiana Reed

Sudden Denouement Collective

You are standing in a meadow,

it is lush green,

the kind people talk about

from the other side.

Life swells in pockets;

a city of daisies,

a bumblebee filling it’s knees,

tall tulips swaying in the breeze,

a buried village in the undergrowth

ants, woodlice and centipedes.

Sunshine weighs heavy

on your back,

on your shoulders,

your eyes water

and you cannot understand

what has brought you here;

to the edge of life in colour,

swimming in jewelled flowers,

the taste of pollen on your lips,

petals embracing the sun

the smell of hope –

poisonous joy.

You could step forward,

bare foot, unguarded

risking your soul for a chance

to choose the flowers

you adorn your home with.

Behind you is a forest,

shadowy fingers lingering

about your waist

stretching toward your throat,

to regain a firm hold

on your senses and pull

you into the shade.


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