Blood & Sex & Miracle Sauce


We left the bar and waltzed through unlit streets, licking our lips and sucking the taste of alcohol from our fingers not caring for anything other than the prospect of what we were going to do with each other once we got indoors. Not being able to control the urges another step, I’d taken her to one side and pushed her against a wall, and when my mouth met the flesh of her neck, she’d pulled down her top and unlatched her bra, and there in the middle of a drunken, sunken town, I suckled her like the milky mother she was. Mother to my heart, and mother to the animals as they watched from afar. As my lips latched onto the nipple of her right breast, she’d twisted a handful of my hair, and the growl that crept from the back of her throat met my ear like biting teeth, begging me to continue and stop in the same hungry, delirious breath. As I drank her milk, she cried out and sighed, and the animals moved a little closer, as did the stars and the moon and all the exoplanets beyond. Looking up at her as she tilted her head back, she’d curled her upper lip and whispered to the heavens above, and within seconds, a rain had begun to fall. Light at first then heavy, it had us drenched. Grabbing me by the throat, she’d traded places with me, and when she bit my lips, and I bit hers in return, blood mixed in our desperate mouths and the stray cats watching our dance stood on their hind legs, meowing at the scents we were making. Blood and sex and miracle sauce, oozing from every pore, driving them into a feline frenzy. That little nose of hers, I kissed it. Then I kissed her eyebrows, both of them, and when she pulled me close and nestled her head beneath my chin, I wrapped my fingers around her waist, and when I said her name, she said mine, and just like that a power cut hit, and all the lights on the high-street went out. Walking hand in hand to investigate, we saw no people, just sneaky animals watching us from the cover of darkness. Leading me to a parked car, she forced the door, and before I knew what was happening, she’d hotwired the thing, and as she put her foot down and sped us into the night, I wiped the hair from the side of her face and gazed at the blood dripping from that grinning, porcelain chin.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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