Moon Kisses


The town flows about her, and yet she remains seated behind the steering wheel, crying at the thought of what once was, and what might never be again. With snot streaming from her nose, she wipes it with the back of her hand as two lovers walk by, looking at her with nervous glances. The guy wants to help, but the girl pulls him away and together they disappear into the train station. Sneering after them, X sinks into her seat, shoulders slouched and hands open. Reaching into her pocket doing her best not to wake Herbie, she slides out the photograph of him and places it upon her knees. She wants to rip it to pieces. To rid herself of his ghost, and yet doing that would only hurt more. She’d kept him buried far longer than she should have, yet even in the weeks and months she went without thinking of him, he was still with her, a second heart beating inside her own. Even in the rare circumstances she’d found herself with another, she’d never let them get too close. A guy could fuck her all they wanted, and yet they’d never have her heart. Looking down at that timeless face, she traces her finger along his grinning mouth and feels the hairs of his beard on her neck and those lips of his nibbling her ear, telling her things she wouldn’t want to hear from anyone else. In an instant, electricity dances upon the fillings in her teeth causing her hair to stand on end. She says his name, and as the clouds in the night sky part to reveal a juicy orange moon, she smells his scent and groans. Scooping up Herbie, she places him on the passenger’s seat and steps out of the car. The cold air hits her like a fist causing her to double over. Reaching back into the glovebox, she grabs her inhaler and shoots a few more puffs into her lungs, and when she regains her composer, stands up and raises her hands to that ever-watchful moon, caressing it as she would his face. Feeling him close by, when she says his name again, the animals call to her from afar, telling her of a magical place where she should be, and even though she swears it’s pure lunacy, she believes their words the same as she believes it’s not the moon kissing her throat but him, so greedy for her love, just the way he had once been.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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