Only the Few


X watches the lovers remembering the warmth he’d once put in her belly. Warm so warm he had made her feel on so many nights when she’d felt on the verge of coming apart, and although at the time she’d put it down to the electric kicks of sex, she now realised it was something else entirely, for her lost soul had been dancing with his, and from the day they’d gone their separate ways, never again had she felt the same. There was magic in her for sure, and yet without him, she’d been spinning further away. Without his stupid face in her life, she’d become untethered, and each day was another spent waiting for that spark to come and deliver her to where she felt she truly belonged. She would never be normal, her dad had told her such a thing was the worst thing you could ever wish for, and that she should do her utmost to not be as such, and yet when was the last time she had felt as though she could laugh in the face of death? When was it that she last danced in the darkness not fearful of what lay waiting for her in the shadows? Staring at his ghost, she spoke his name. He didn’t respond, so she spoke it again, and as the tears in her eyes trickled down like droplets of rain, she watched as he wrapped his arms around that happier, skinnier X, and the smile on that face cut her into tiny little pieces of paper ready to be blown away in a gust of wind. You could never get back the past, she knew that much. What was gone was staying that way, but what of a feeling? People changed, and yet what about the feelings that remained in their hearts? Was it possible that while most souls passed like ships in the night, that there were some destined to return to each other? She had spent longer hating him than she’d done loving him, and yet despite the years and those that had tried taking his place, at this lonesome hour, it was him she was dreaming of. It was him that made her feel this way, and only him. Standing by his side, she raised her hand to his face, pawing at the outlines of his features that were slowly fading away. Before her eyes, they evaporated into a fine mist, and just like that the lovers were gone, and yet despite them leaving, she could still hear their music. Music that made her sway in ways only the few would ever know.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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