Waste Not, Want No – David Lohrey

Sudden Denouement Collective


Good for you is not a greeting. Good for you means congratulations.

These words say good bye. We’re not together.

There’s no but.

Good for you spells doom. It’s the American creed. It’s a celebration

of greed. Good for you doesn’t say hello.

Don’t look at the what, look at the how!

How the now cow, a sound noun, is brown.

There’s no but.

Something really vast has changed.

It’s got a billy goat brain, a hummingbird mouth.

It’s the triumph of the dog and its bone.

It’s graduation day for cave dwellers.

There’s no but.

We say it to our cat when he finds a mouse.

You hear it when you exit the toilet.

Coffee, toast, and tatami: help us understand

why we can have one but not the other.

There’s no but.

Cranks like Rousseau make solitude glamorous,

but sensible people agree that it is terrible.

Good for…

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