Meal for Two


Entering the store, we jumped up and down to warm ourselves. To others, we looked beyond excited when really, we were shivering and frozen to the bone. When she reached out her hand and pressed it against my face, I couldn’t help but yelp like a beaten dog. Her flesh was ice-cold, so I took her fingers and rubbed them against mine. Sticking out her lower lip, she pined and pretended to cry, but a minute or so later we were no longer in pain but growing toasty from my suggestive rubbing and the industrial-sized heater blowing on us from above. Aisle after aisle sprawled out before us, and the scent of fresh food made my belly rumble. Looking at X, she had her eyes closed and was sniffing the air with a grin on her face. With her leading me by the hand, we moved around glancing at this and that, each with our own agenda. She was pulling me towards the bakery department at the back of the store while I was keeping an eye out for something we could eat for dinner. As I surveyed the fridges in search of a decent meal for two, it again struck me how strange it was considering the two of us had met only an hour or so earlier. I’d taken women home before not knowing anything about them, but that was after a night of drinking with just a cheap fuck in mind. This was infinitely different, and as she pulled on my arm trying to drag me to the bakery, I laughed and told myself to embrace every second. Yanking as hard as she could, she gritted her teeth, and when I stood my ground, she let go of my hand and kicked me on the shin before running off. Launching after her, she squealed as we raced down the aisles, arms flailing and feet squeaking on the shiny floor. As she turned her head every few steps to see where I was, I closed in, telling her just what I was going to do when I got my hands on her. As the random shoppers around us frowned, we shrieked and frolicked while all the time inching closer to the sweet pastries that called to us in the same way the moon and the stars did outside.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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