Sweet Treats


Hot on her heels, I snatched a pack of buns from the shelf to my right, and aiming them as if I were pitching a baseball, lobbed them at the back of her head. Hitting her square on, she screamed while almost tripping over. Staggering forwards like a drunk, she eventually fell into a display of toilet paper, sending a dozen scented rolls tumbling to the floor. Flashing me the evols as I doubled over in a fit of hysterics, she picked herself up and came at me ready to draw blood, but I was too quick for her. Sidestepping her claws, I swung behind and wrapped my arms around her waist before burying my face into the curls of her hair. At first, she tried wriggling free, but the more I squeezed, the less she moved until she took hold of my arms and swayed.

‘I could’ve died’ she huffed.

‘You didn’t though, did you?’

Turning her head, she scanned my face with narrowed eyes doing her best not to smile, but the harder she tried, the harder it was for her not to.

‘We’re supposed to be getting something for dinner, not buying more cakes. You’ve already had pancakes and donuts’ I remonstrated.

Eyeing me up all sad, she stuck out her bottom lip again.

‘I know’ she said, ‘But I’m hungry’.

Playing with a curl of her hair, I stroked the side of her face.

‘Let’s pick out something for dinner, and then we can get something for afters, deal?’

Frowning, she huffed a little more, but after thinking it over for a few seconds, gave a solemn nod as if admitting defeat.

‘You didn’t need to throw bog roll at my head, though’ she sulked.

Breaking out in a fit of giggles, I pawed her face apologetically.

‘And you didn’t need to kick me on the shin’ I replied.

Biting her lower lip, she tried turning away from me, but as I nibbled her ear, there was no escape. Squeezing even tighter, I moved us in the direction of the fridges, and even though she dragged her feet, we picked something nice to eat before she went ahead and filled her arms with all manner of sweet treats while I finished our visit by grabbing a bottle of wine. I let her choose, and she obliged by selecting one with the image of a seahorse on the label. Inspecting it thoroughly, she gave another nod before we set off to pay for our goodies.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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