Strange Shapes


With my paws sliding across the ice, the milky moon puffed its cheeks and blew out a gust of wind that pushed me like a pair of invisible hands. Sailing on that frozen sea, I yelped and shrieked, and as the animals watched from the shore of trees, life didn’t seem that bad at all. With her song guiding me on, the words danced around my head before sliding down the length of my spine, entwining themselves around each and every one of my hairs. The fox was close behind, and he knew the magic too, and even though he hadn’t once been human like me, he knew of love and of the soul, and he understood what it was to believe in destiny. Scrambling after me, he latched onto my tail and together we drifted along. The wind was cold and got into my bones, and when the ice cracked and creaked beneath us, my heart would miss a beat, yet there was no fear. Maybe there once had been, but now there was only wonder. In the night sky I could see strange shapes; glowing orbs that zipped about seemingly at random yet always pushing in the same direction. The fox noticed them too, and as they flew about, I thought of all the times in my life when I’d buried away my heart and allowed such magic to pass me by. It was a sad thing to ponder, for such magic could never again be savoured, but the door was always open, you just had to know where to look for it. And then, of course, you had to step through knowing that life would never again be the same. It was quite the risk. Many would rather turn their backs. Most did. Whipping my tail, I propelled the fox ahead of me, and as the milky moon blew out another mouthful of wind, we sailed with our claws spraying ice into the oily air until it fell like snow upon our fading shadows.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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      • I can’t help but feel it — it’s in your writing. I remember the first piece I read by you where you had taken the action into the forest. Made me thought of a man who is taken deep into the woods by his fairy lover and was ready to enter that realm. I honestly love these pieces.

      • You touch my weary heart! I love that you’re enjoying this journey. For me, to wander into the woods is spiritually enlightening in ways I would never once have imagined. It’s opened my eyes. And, they continue to surprise me, even though they come from me.

      • What a great last line!

        The woods feel like home — or maybe they bring forth the truest version of the self. My favourite places are usually next to rivers, wirh old plane trees and ivy climbing on them.
        My grandparents lived in a village, and we’d go very often. It was magic wandering as a kid. I think this is also why I like folktales so much.

      • That’s such a wonderful image to visualise! I’ve lived in and around the countryside all for my, so it’s never been far from my door. I do enjoy the sights and sounds of the city, but the woods offer a sense of adventure you don’t get anywhere else. The sense of magic and mystery they hold is unrivalled.

      • And it’s the only place, I think, where you can understand what a supernatural fear is like. What it must have been for people in the past to be afraid of fairies or other creatures. I find such feelings very interesting.

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