Under the Stars


Whether or not I had sought the fox out or it was him that had come for me, I couldn’t quite say, but I was a firm believer in fate, and so it seemed to me that even in those years I considered myself lost, the two of us had been destined to meet. How strange it was to think that at my lowest ebb, such a creature was on its way to find me. That when I was drowning my sorrows so sad at the feelings inside I couldn’t quite describe, this furry being was living his life under the stars, edging ever closer to my desperate hands. Was he aware of me as he roamed through the woods, or was he being silently guided by God’s will? It wasn’t for me to say, and even if I wanted him to, he wouldn’t have been able to shed any light on the mystery, for the language of our tongues was as different as moonlight to sunlight. But he had found his way to me regardless, and I had followed, and now here we were, sailing through the night sky in a sea of stars and fantasy. Such beauty made the pain of those lost days seem so meaningless, and yet I was well aware that pain could crystallize a vision in much the same way love could open a closed heart, for the two were intrinsically linked. Embracing one without the other meant you were only experiencing one side of life, and what good was that? It’s what for so long I had failed to understand, and as a result, I’d existed in a place that was neither here nor there. But now I was everywhere, and as the fox yelped at the animals that moved through the trees below, together we travelled to a new way of being.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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