The Steam Sings and the Animals Wait


The steam shimmered and sang, dancing in the air like a feverish child. One by one the animals opened their eyes, and together they saw it spinning above X’s body like a mini tornado. George was the last to catch sight of it. Adjusting himself to the warm sunshine that filled the bathroom, he felt happy to be alive, and yet what was more important was to see that she had returned with him. As the steam hissed and shrieked like a banshee, he noticed one of the rats opposite looking over at him. The rat didn’t have a name but was known among the animals for his mischievous ways. His entire coat of fur had turned white, and he was staring at George in disbelief, for he too had caught a glimpse of the other side and was struggling to make sense of what he had seen. Little did George know, but his own fur had changed as well, and within the following few weeks it would turn white just like the rat’s. His owners would even take him to the vets believing he was ill, and yet the real reason would never be known. Not to his owners anyhow. Nodding at the rat, George looked around the room. From the magpies and the cats to the squirrels and the rats, they all observed George not quite knowing what was happening, yet somehow understanding through the feelings that had stirred in their animal hearts. The steam sang to them each in turn, and when it got to George, it smothered him like a blanket, and for a brief moment, he was floating through outer space again— floating with her. With each feathered and furry soul taking stock of the situation, the steam rose to the ceiling before falling upon X like water poured from a bucket. As they held their breath, the crackle of electricity continued before promptly ceasing. What followed was an agonising wait to see if George had done it. Deep down they knew he had, and yet until she moved, they felt as if they just might burst.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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  1. Wow! Your work is incredible. In all honesty. It’s gripping to each drop. I read tge entire thing not beacuse I should but beacuse I wanted to.

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