I swam as free as a dolphin, or perhaps it was a sperm. This was my rebirth after all, and it seemed apt that I should again resemble what I had once been. In an eternal sea of possibility, it was as clear as the light guiding me that the way was not to be driven by gain, but rather the chance to be dazzled by the magic of something that spoke in a language yet to be deciphered by the human mind. It wouldn’t prevent death, nor would it mean my life was free of any less hardship, but without it, I would be another empty vessel floating around like those who so often lost sight of what mattered most. All it had taken was a leap of faith. Such leaps were often not hard to make, but how remarkable it was that most never made them. It was a sad, sad thing, but now wasn’t the time for pondering loss but rather what could be gained by taking leaps such as these. Among the glowing orbs that shimmered and shone, the two ahead were dancing like pipers at the gates of dawn. Her song was unmistakable. It always had been. Swimming as fast as I could, I breathed her in and knew in spite of the inevitable demise that awaited, to fall with her in my life was the only way I wanted to go, for any other outcome meant these antics would’ve been in vain.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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