Invisible Tongue


X kicked her spectral feet, and so did little Herbie, and as the two of them swam in a moment that had no beginning nor end, she felt him so intensely. He was in every atom, and although she couldn’t make him out among the many orbs that twinkled and shone, she knew he had heard her song and was following her every move. In her mind, she pictured their first kiss, and then each kiss that followed. The lingering sensation of every fuck made her chew her invisible tongue, and as she vibrated with the memory of these intimate details, she tasted cotton candy and the scent of gunpowder from a thousand fireworks exploding in a night sky so familiar and yet at the same time unlived. It was difficult for her to say if it was future or past. It felt like neither and both, but she knew such a moment was on the horizon, and whether she was racing towards it or if it was coming for her made no difference—the kiss she longed for more than anything was out there, and with it a state of being that sang of the myriad ways of romance. She could be a wicked soul and morbid thinker for sure, yet beneath that cheeky grin and surly scowl was a girl who chased love the same way night chased day.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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