Perfect Laughter


The sun began its slow descent, and the moon soon shone in its place. All around me there were people. They made their people noises, but I didn’t take any notice. What I saw was the Ferris wheel, and what I felt were the numerous versions of myself aligning after so many years of being out of synch. I’d always imagined this day would come. Even at my lowest, I’d never given up the belief it would happen. It had been waiting for me. In this location, and at this time. All I had to be was ready, but for so long that’s what I wasn’t. But now, with music in the air and the taste of electricity in my mouth, the animals and I were riding our way straight to the heart of perfect laughter. Dancing among the people with tears in my eyes, I knew they surely thought of me as mad. They wouldn’t be wrong, but this madness was where I came alive. And there was nowhere more maddening than to be in her arms. Searching for her among the passing faces, the spinning wheel span like a firework, and as the scent of cotton candy drowned my senses in sweetness, the animals swept past on their way to meet her. Grabbing hold of my clothing with their paws and beaks, they guided me towards the sacred spot, and as it drew closer, I felt myself shifting from one version to the next.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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  1. There’s a time for everything, and, before we are, actually ready for what’s to come in our lives, things feel, not quite ready to take shape, but when life is ready, things will, suddenly make sense, and everything, is aligned, perfectly.

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