Darkness Envelopes Her – Joann Cohen


I sit alone in my dark bedroom as time passes me by

Not much to do, but listen to the noise of the city. Sirens whizzing and calls of children playing in the street.

It’s a Lonely life.
Flowers and indoor plants wilting as I forget to give out water
Watering time and love for myself.
Watering time.
Memos and ideas are short lived as those around me disbelieve in my right to want to better my life. How dare they.
But I have a crown to wear and giving it up would be a different difficult life. The throne would be gone. My abode would be forsaken.
My Health would be gone.
My mind shattered to pieces as I grab at parts and clocks to swing toward a better tomorrow all the while sinking and swimming in my own blood.
I’m surrounded by darkness as I try to see

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