The Scent of Autumn in Her Hair


With the light of the moon reflecting upon the watchful eyes of the animals, my feet carried me towards her as if the ground were made not of asphalt but sparkling white ice. With the cat transferred from her arms to her feet, she subconsciously crossed herself as the onset of tears threatened to get the better of her. They were getting the better of me too, for the sight of her standing there caused me to well up to the point where the world began to swim all about me. Reaching out my hand, I could smell the scent of autumn in her hair, and even before I touched her, the taste of her flesh was already upon my lips. Leaning her face into my hand, she bit into her tongue, and when she looked up with those shining, autumn eyes, it was as if the two halves of me were no longer separate but whole. Placing her hand on mine, she shimmied closer until the warmth of her body was enough to make me sweat. The fire was still in her, the madness too, and there was nothing that could’ve made me happier than to discover she hadn’t lost what made her so special. Eying up the hamster on her shoulder as he sat finishing the last of his cotton candy, I then gazed at her as if I had never loved another. Which was, of course, true, because although there had been others, my world had always revolved around her, and it always would. Lowering my head, I rested it against hers and breathed her in before kissing the curls of her hair. Time was still frozen, and yet in my bones, I knew it wouldn’t be long until it caught up. Collecting myself, I brought my mouth to her ear, and it was there I gave her my truth.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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