The Road Was Winding


She closed her eyes in anticipation of his kiss and then opened them again, not wanting to miss a thing. Every part of her body tingled, so much so that she hopped from one foot to the other in an attempt to contain her excitement. It didn’t work, and as he wrapped his hand around her neck to bring her mouth closer to his, she felt so giddy she thought she might pass out.

“If only this could’ve happened all those years ago” she uttered.

Placing his other hand on her lower back, he held her how he used to, and as her nipples hardened beneath her soft, city dress, the memory of such intimacy snatched away her breath.

“But if it had, think of all the things we would never have seen.”

She did, and she sighed, and he continued.

“Imagine having lived your life without accepting where it led you, for despite the heartbreak and shame that came our way, we finally heard each other’s song, and even though the road was winding, and there were times when we were lost without measure, here we both are, in each other’s arms at last.”

“Okay, smarty pants,” she said, “kiss me before I start crying again.”

Staring into those blue eyes of his, she looked over his shoulder and saw the two shooting stars of her father and George the cat. As they zipped this way and that in the blackened sky, she waved at them, and for a second, they shimmered before fading from view.

“Who are you waving at?” he asked, but she gave no reply. Instead, she grabbed a handful of his hair and yanked his head forwards. The bristles of his beard scratched her flesh; each one clawed at her like the blade of a knife, and the closer his lips came to meeting hers, the more her heart felt as if it were to burst into flames.

“Now” she gasped, and just like that, the stars aligned and the music from their chests synchronized with the music of the universe, and as the past became future, all those distant colours they once thought were left behind came shooting back to life.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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  1. Sometimes, we need to grow on our own a bit, before we are to know, the meanings of our lives, and it all makes sense, after we’d weathered through some parts 9n our own before we meet back up again…

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