Break the Skin


With the muffin within licking distance of her searching mouth, I keep it agonisingly out of reach. She plays the game well, yet soon grows frustrated. When it goes on for too long, and she’s about to erupt into a ball of fleshy fury, I let her get in another lick. Each taste from each lick sends her into a spasm, and each time she spasms, I find myself edging closer to the edge. She’s as wet as she can get. She’s semi-delirious, and when I release my hold on her neck, she gasps and gasps and goes to cuss me out, but then I squeeze it shut again and then comes another spasm followed by the tiniest of sugary licks. She snaps her teeth like a turtle. It reminds me of the turtle that carries the earth through the universe, and at this moment, with my cock going in and out of her like a knife, it feels like I’m travelling through time, one step closer to heaven, yet two steps closer to death. In truth, I don’t much like us having sex because it feels like I’m the one that comes off worse. Her belly grows bigger with my seed, but I, on the other hand, am left deflated. Haunted by the threat of oblivion, and robbed of my lifeblood, I’m growing thinner all the time, yet still, I do it, because there’s no denying what I am, and what I am is but a man. Biting the side of her face, I sink my teeth in and break the skin. It’ll leave a bruise, and when she inspects herself in the mirror after we’re done, I know she’ll come for me good and proper, but right now, it’s all part of the game. Sucking the blood out of her the same way she sucks it out of me, I stuff the muffin into her mouth. It takes her by surprise, and the surprise in her eyes is clear to see.

A Journal for Damned Lovers UK

A Journal for Damned Lovers US

Anthology UK / Anthology US

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