Butter and Jam


“Take me, someplace,” I croak.

“Someplace, or somewhere?”

“I don’t care,” I splutter, “anywhere but here.”

As the electricity from the pylons jumps across the moonlit courtyard to our tree, it zaps and fries the hairs on the back of my neck. At the same moment, my clothes fall off. Not so much fall off, but fly to the ground beneath us as if ripped from my body. It conjures the same sensation you get when you suddenly rip a plaster from your skin–in one big go–trying to be tough when you’re not even brave enough to do it without wincing. Perhaps nature has decided to remove an unnecessary layer from me; one it no longer deems beneficial to my being, or maybe it was God. The dirty ol’ sod, wishing to see a bit more than my cock. Perhaps he’s a bum man—although why he would want to see my pale bottom is anyone’s guess. Gritting my teeth, I dig the fingers of my left hand into Meeko’s shoulder, while those on my right sink into the trunk of the tree. My balls tighten and go inside of me. My limbs feel as though they’re made of butter and jam. I want to tell Meeko, but as soon as I touch her, she seems to shift somehow. Perhaps a trick of the light, or maybe something more. Definitely more. She’s foaming at the mouth; changing faces while remaining the same.

“Take me to a place where we’re far away from these human stains,” I say.

With a look of strange delight on one of her many faces, she makes to reply but instead gurgles and squints as her body shakes from the electricity pumping into her. Mine it seems, is affected in only one place—the one place most guys would want—and although it pains me to say it, right now, I’m just like most guys.

“Take me…,” I begin again, only with one last quick and deliberate flick of her wrist, those fingers of hers bring me beyond the point of no return, and in an instant, the world and everything in it turns green.

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