Black Cotton Wool


Staggering like a drunk, the tree lurches into the middle of the street. Pulling back one of its more prominent roots, it throws it in the direction of a sparsely illuminated car parked half on the kerb, half off. The car doesn’t stand a chance. Buckling upon impact, it flies upwards before briefly disappearing into the swollen blackness of the night. It reminds me of black cotton wool, and the car, a flicked cigarette. When it comes tumbling down, it seems to be descending in slow motion. Open-mouthed, I watch as if anticipating the roar of thunder that follows a flash of lightning; each agonising second between the two a second the oxygen in my lungs is left begging to be met by another. The collision of metal, glass and asphalt as it strikes the ground is like a gunshot—one that rattles my eardrums, causing blood to stream from both my ears and nostrils. As the echo washes over me in an awesome, neon wave, I look to Meeko and find her whispering to the tree. There’s no chance of making out what she’s saying for my ears are full of blood, yet her body language is the same as when she talks dirty to me while instigating sex. Seemingly unaware or perhaps unconcerned by the carnage the tree is causing, she caresses its trunk as the tip of her tongue licks the creaking bark that is its wooden skin. As she does so, the tree lets out a groan sending more echoes to bounce around in my already rattling skull. Kicking out at another car, this one is sent hurtling through the window of a furniture store. The explosion ricochets down the street like the crack of a whip, causing the remaining seed in my balls to excitedly spill from my cock. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t notice the milk lactating from Meeko’s breasts, and how the frothy white stuff splashes upon the creaking bark of the tree before disappearing within.

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