Out Now!!


My latest book, X and I: A Novel, is out now and available to purchase on Amazon!!
The story follows two lovers embarking on a strange journey that sees them finding each other again after spending several years apart. There are transformations, talking animals, and themes exploring love, life, memory and death.
As with Volumes 1-3 of A Journal for Damned Lovers, I’m incredibly proud of putting this book out into the world, even more so considering it focuses on one continuing narrative spread over three hundred pages.
I’m thankful for everyone’s support over the past eighteen months. If you read the original blogged instalments, the book promises a more cohesive and fluid telling of the story. If you’re a newcomer, then you’re in for a fresh treat that’s in keeping with my previous work while at the same time touching new territory.
Thank you x

X and I: A Novel on Amazon.co.uk

X and I: A Novel on Amazon.com

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    • Ooh, thank you! If you wanted to, you could pay me via PayPal, and I’d be happy to send a signed copy your way 😊 You can give me an address to send it to via Instagram messaging?

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