Upstream Colour

As my fingers run through the grass, the soil beneath sings a quiet song. Although I can’t see her, I know she’s nearby. I taste the palpitations of her giddy heart in the scorching summer air and sense her sorrow deep in the wood of the trees. Her joy overwhelms everything. It’s a burst of birdsong. The flash of a child’s smile eating a fat, sugary donut. The grass isn’t long, yet it reaches to my wrist. The sky is soft, pale and infinite, yet the beads of water falling from above whip me like I’m caught in a storm far out at sea. The smell of lavender is faint yet overwhelming. It hangs over the town, spreading through the roads and alleyways the way my fingers spread through the grass. I’m hungry, but I know nothing will ever make me full. The day is endless. Yet I am not. The grass grows the longer I sit. Its colour is an upstream kinda colour. The kind that swims in puddles outside of bookstores on the first day of Autumn when the rest of your life is a dream waiting to be written.

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