Sleeping against the world

On child bearing hips, you sail to the sea. You swing, where hearts long to sing. Beneath a chestnut tree, with the failing sepia sun shining down from above, she spreads herself upon the fallen leaves. Her insides, they glisten blood red. Crawling towards her, my fingers dance upon her flesh. Scratching at my throat, she pulls me in and bites my neck. Like a vampire, like some kind of lover. Wind swirling around us, the sun is suddenly plucked from the sky. Moonlight and oil, dreams on holy earth. In my stomach, the fluttering of butterflies. Upon my spine, she plays me well. All those holes, those dulling eyes of wine. Glistening. I’m a bad machine, a broken wing. I dance anticlockwise. When it’s daylight, when the barriers are in place, I’m passive, monotone glory. But when the moon glows and she comes out from the shadows, there’s nothing but animal instinct. When the walls of forever sigh upon my touch, I’m alive. Far away the insects reside, those boring little things that live without dreams. Holidays in the sun, clothes from catalogues. They paint their faces through boredom, they gather en masse, to pass away their empty grey days. All those golden lies, sung as lullabies to their children. The slow suicide, choking them like abusive lovers. Pornography, synthesia. Away from the hive, she’s merging with the flowers and trees. Honey dripping from her lips, she is nature. Her kiss filling you up, you place your hand upon her breast. She contains all the seasons. She contains all those dreams that the insects yearn for. Your mouth on hers, you taste summer. Her tongue on yours, it’s autumn corn fields. Songs and xylophones. Sinking in, you grab hold of her wrists and tell her what you’re going to do. Raising her arms, she lets you do it, because she is the door, and you are the key. Sweets to the sweet. Symbols, thighs that contain the ocean. Fantasy, mirrored. In the gaze of dead stars, you imagine walking the streets of her hometown. You see yourself breathing in her footsteps. Neon pathways, rivers and subways. Through memory and the scent of her perfume, you follow the trail back to her room. Love and footsteps. Elephants and passing feelings. Teddy bears and belly buttons. Whispering into her ear, you blossom. As does she. Bluebirds. Blackbirds. Vulva. That moment when everything lasts forever. Infinity land. Inside is delirium. Two bodies, as one. Shared truth. Wave upon wave, of unraveling realities. Love as a drug, that numbs your aching fears. The perfect drug, the one that burns away nausea, that shines through the darkness. Arm in arm, melting. Dissolving as it rains forever. Sleeping against the world outside.

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