The Lighthouse

Above everything else, I think about the frozen lake. As the music flows through the half open door, the falling snow creates her face. From the city to the sea, through the decorated trees. The landscape is hidden, the swans are invisible. Treading delicately, she melts everything around her. Winter sun, dancing souls upon what was once running water. There is a song, there is a dream, that never stops playing. Broken flowers and bodies that hide away from the cold. Birds that are chained to the sky, bones wrapped in melancholy. Honey and rings around the eyes. Up in the sky, the moon eclipses the sun as a meteorite burns far away in the everlasting emptiness. The pathway hidden, her footsteps reveal the secrets of where life once was. Spreading, revealing. Drifting through the air, she smiles as snowflakes rest upon her outstretched hand. Looking at you like a fascinated child, she smiles with delight. She keeps them close to her heart. Somewhere in the field of snow, there’s a place where you once stood in the summer months. Gazing up into the endless clouds, you can see how it was so vividly. The scent of freshly cut grass, the taste of vanilla ice cream. Some sort of fairground, flashing lights on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Through the maze of your mind and the petrified white trees, the animals are following her now. She sings a song they know well. Feathers, bracelets. The horizon is yesterday, tomorrow is waiting. It waits in her shadow. The shadows of midnight hours. Away from the world, cocooned and beautiful. Shapeless desire, precious kisses. Solitude. The frozen lake is in the bath, and it calls your name. Submerged, floating, you’re back in the womb. Away from harm, away from the insects, that always try to ruin what you are. All the non believers, they pick away, but they’ll never get the better of you. Somewhere in the darkness, she’s glowing. Faint at first then shining brightly with a halo upon her head, the animals are circled around her in awe. Monolithic. The lighthouse. She calls to you through the storm, guiding you to safety. Everything is drifting towards the center, the heart of what we are. It’s a spiral of wonder, of undeniable truth.

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