Extract From A Novel

With the sun pounding down outside, I left behind the view of the new horizon.
Heading into the bedroom and grabbing the gun from the chest of drawers, my hands trembled with excitement knowing what was to unfold in the coming hours.
For a second, I doubted what I intended to pull off. It was going to be dangerous, and there would be no turning back, but it was a necessary evil in order for me to continue my journey.
My journey to her.
With the sound of the streets growing louder as I left the apartment, the insects buzzed excitedly behind the door at the bottom of the stairwell.
Opening it, the hive greeted me in all it’s unholy glory.

Stopping only to catch my breath, I arrived at the train station a few minutes later.
Leaving home turf behind me, in no time at all I was on my way over to a neighbouring town surrounded by workers and drunks oblivious to my presence. Looking out the window at the melting landscape of buildings and freeways that sped past, I touched the cold metal of the gun in my jacket and felt my heart skip a beat.
Gripping it tightly as those around me pushed and shoved in the sweltering heat of the carriage, I knew that despite the forces of the portal increasing, a vital ingredient was still missing. Up until now, the murders had been lonely and isolated, so cold and lacking in intimacy. What was needed was a little sex, a little bit of sin to get things going.
Swallowing repeatedly at the very thought of it, a wave of euphoria washed over me.
The train soon becoming too crowded, I got off a few stops early.
Walking down a dusty strip through the suburbs some several miles from home, my surroundings were a replica of where I’d come from. Row upon row of dilapidated factories and bars, all designed to keep the working class inhabitants occupied whilst their lives just drifted away. With no hope and countless lost souls drifting around, it was just like any other town, and for all intents and purposes, it was.
Turning off the strip a while later, I made my way down a series of sparse roads before coming to the place where it was going to happen.
Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I went ahead and squeezed through a gap in the rusty chain link fence that surrounded the boarded-up factory. Agonizingly hot as my hand reached out to touch it, I cussed something rotten before passing through to the other side.
The crumbling building now facing me, to the side of it was an empty lot, empty save for the lone vehicle parked among the weeds and broken asphalt.

Creeping up on the red Buick, the two inside were making out.
With the sun partially obscured by Elm trees casting much of the lot in shadow, I stepped over the fragments of asphalt that were littered all around until the vehicle was just a few feet ahead of me. Unaware of my looming figure, the young girl within groaned with delight as her man moved his hand down her top whilst simultaneously rubbing his cock against her naked belly.
Sweating profusely, nausea dripped from every pore of my body.
Taking the gun in hand and gripping it firmly, I gazed at the leaves that were falling from the branches above and felt my lover floating behind me, her arms wrapped around my waist and her lips kissing the nape of my neck. The truth of her love coursing through my veins, I inched forwards and gently tapped the gun against the drivers side window.
Rolling her head back, the girl slowly opened her pretty green eyes.
Bewildered at the sudden interruption, her mouth opened in startled disbelief as she caught sight of me aiming the gun at her.
Trying to scream as I pulled on the trigger, she could only manage a garbled moan as the first of several bullets shattered the window before tearing into her body.

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