Extract #2 With Scenes of a Deviant Nature

Shards of glass dancing in the air, the first shot hit her just below the naval. The parking lot pulsating with energy, I fired twice more in quick succession striking the brunette both times in the throat. Blood spraying all over the guy beside her, I went ahead and fired the rest of the clip into her chest. Convulsing and full of bullet holes, she made a clumsy attempt at opening the car door before losing consciousness and slumping face-first against the steering wheel. Trembling with terror, her blood soaked lover tried climbing over the seats into the back of the car, but he was too slow. Faltering in his panicked state, I reloaded the gun and shot him between the shoulder blades. Begging me to stop, another deafening roar echoed around the lot as the next bullet tore the fingers off his raised right hand as well as blowing out the rear window. Clutching his bloodied stump and howling in agony, I pumped another one into his cheek tearing out a mass of tongue and several teeth that flew through the air before landing outside on the dusty asphalt. Striding round to the passenger’s side, I blew his brains out by shooting him in the head causing his body to crumple into a lifeless heap. Blood and fragments of bone splattered all over the interior of the vehicle, I put the gun away then wiped sweat from my eyes whilst walking back round to the drivers side. Hesitating to make sure no one was coming to investigate the sound of gunfire, I stood there looking around the lot straining for the sound of sirens and panicked insects. Not sensing any signs of intrusion, it became apparent that I was free to continue. Taking a deep breath then reaching in through the shattered window, I lifted the girl off the steering wheel and gently placed her on the seat so she was facing me. Admiring the beauty of her transformation as she lay dying, I placed a kiss upon her trembling lips whilst running my hands over her pert breasts. The last remnants of life leaving her body, I brought my knife out and cut into the flesh of her exposed right thigh. My hands shaking with excitement as the symbol glowed before my eyes, I wiped the knife clean on her dress then found release by masturbating until my little death coincided with the final beats of her heart. Breathing heavy as I moved away from the vehicle, I gazed at the sun as it shone through the branches above whilst zipping myself up. My lover flowing all about me on the breeze, I tasted the mixture of gunpowder and sex in the air and smiled as visions of her embrace grew within my mind. Feeling delirious, the urge to stay and bask in the glory of it all was almost too much to resist, but there was still so much to be done. Avoiding the pools of blood that were forming on the ground, I checked to make sure none of the blood was on my clothes. Free of any mess, I looked over the girl one last time as the metallic tomb awaited discovery in all its macabre glory. Her soul rising into the air, I could feel the portal already feeding upon its energy. Shaking with anticipation, I hurried back to the entrance of the lot. Escaping through the chain-link fence, I fled back to the strip ready to carry out the next stage of my journey.

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