You’re Doing It Just Right



Don’t be upset. There’s no need to feel lonely. Lay down upon your bed, and breathe in the warm air that longs to comfort you. Listen to the birds, to the traffic as it endlessly rolls past outside. Let the tears come, let all the pain in the world empty itself from your tired body. Too many thoughts, too much guilt. Leave behind the shame. Place your burdens in a basket, and let them drift down stream. All that love, thrown away so cheaply. All those feelings, abused so terribly. But mistakes are made. We fall down, we fail. It’s what we do. Let it go. Let the sadness out. Don’t let it eat away. Turn over on your side, and smile at the footsteps you have made. All that beauty, blossoming like flowers beneath a golden sun. All those memories, those moments when you swam with happiness. When your heart felt alive, and it sang a song so incredibly vivid. In a language unknown, your soul, singing with joy, in a moment that lasted forever.

There are times, when you feel so alone. When it feels, as if the world turns without you. The faces that pass you by appear so focused, so well adapted to a life that only frightens you. Everyone appears so settled. They play the game of life with ease, whilst you can only struggle and fuck up every step of the way. Sometimes, it feels unbearable. Sometimes, it’s almost too much to take. When to carry on seems impossible. To stand side by side with happy and content people, makes you feel as low as you ever imagined. You tell yourself that you’re a waste, that you’re worthless. Give up, just give up. But you never seem to see, just how wonderful you really are. How beautiful you shine, like a thousand butterfly wings, glowing on a glorious summers day. Sensitive souls are doomed to feel too much. They suffer, and suffering is all they have at times. Suffocating pain, the kind that breaks you down and leaves you weak. So horribly, bloody weak. But realise just for a second, that there’s no one quite like you. The way you feel, and the way you care, is so much more attractive than the lives of those you wish to acquire. The mess of what you are isn’t a mess at all, it’s a dazzling testament to a unique individual. To an individual who cares when it’s so much easier to be cruel. When it’s so much easier, to ignore and pour scorn. To be indifferent.

The days bring heavy melancholy. The hours pass only with regret. You wish to bury your feelings, to become an unfeeling robot. To lose yourself in someone elses skin. Life would be easier if you could be someone else. If you didn’t feel the way you do. But there’s just too much beauty about you. Be proud of who, and how, you are. Be proud to look at yourself in the mirror. It isn’t a sign of weakness. It doesn’t make you a failure. To love. To lose. To crumble into a heap of despair. Smile at the soul you carry. Let it float above the tedium. Let it sing without fear. All those songs within you. All those footsteps. The wonder of what you are. Let it all sing. Lay upon your bed, and laugh at the magic. Look forward to the days of possibility. The sadness will never go away, but don’t be afraid. Know that the sadness is part of your signature. A vital ingredient, not be cursed. Don’t let it consume, let it remind you of how wonderful things can be. Sing! Sing! Sing! You’re doing it just right.

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