Lovers And Thunder



Stormclouds come slowly floating over the town. Strange colours in the sky. Streets plunged into purgatory. My mouth tastes of beer and cigarettes. Rain gently falls. Lovers run to safety, with dogs chasing close behind. Time stands still, if only for a while. Moments, when the terrible rules we abide by, evaporate into thin air. Rules and constraints, blown away with dead leaves. Filling up the sink in the bathroom, I plunge my head beneath the surface. Throwing it back a few seconds later, and the water drips down my chest and onto the floor. Blinking it from my eyes, I feel romantic, but there’s only cheapness to be found in my veins. Alone with the shadows, I take a piss and shudder.

Wrapped up in ghosts and energy. The sense of danger is strong. Almost dark now, music swirls with smoke. I’m waiting for the thunder. For the lightning to strike. The sex of gods in the heavens above. Or just some lunatic, moving his furniture around inside the moon. Secrets of eons, crashing down upon our tiny, maddened heads. Nothing original comes from normality. Beauty is the product of war, and of destruction. From fire and chaos, comes meaning. Wonder isn’t to be found in the dust, it’s in the raging hearts of artists. Rain lashing down, my teeth are on edge. Candle burning casting shapes upon my naked body, the night bursts into flames. It takes away all your fears, and makes you believe in the unknown. Nothing to fear or doubt, the night is a portal to truth.

These days where words are all I have. They cry of victory. And they scream of glory.

Darkness and solitude. Caressing the very heart of what I am. Discovery isn’t about landscape, it’s about inner vision. Take what you see, and mix it with what you feel. Paint a picture, that no one else but you could tell. The rumble of thunder grows. Low now, but getting louder with every passing minute. The coming of a great dance. Of an act, that goes beyond the realms of understanding. Two lovers, shyly on the verge of exploring each others bodies. So hesitant at first. So clumsy. But as the passion builds, the truth of what they want comes out. The tearing of clothes. The biting of lips. Flesh and bones, mixing together upon bedsheets stained with desire. Lust, thumping behind ribcages. To fuck, and to fuck with not a single care in the world. Because tonight is about them. And in this fleeting moment of chaos and war, they are infinite.

Sucking on my cigarette, with sweat dripping down my brow, I look out the window and see the first flashes of light. Counting the seconds, thunders rumbles from far away. Closer it comes, and within the hour, it’ll be upon me. Feed me with your kiss. Feed me with energy. Give me abandonment. Let me throw myself into the abyss, and fight it with all I have. Angels and demons. Gods and nothingness. Everlasting, and locked in battle eternally. Somewhere, a dog howls, as thunder keeps creeping closer. All those lonely streets. All those bridges and fields. The days of your past, and the moments from your future, circling one another ready for the act of creation. Breathing shallow, silence blossoms. Then interrupted once more, by the grumblings of aching gods. Somewhere, the future is waiting to be born. It yearns for your touch. And for a little belief. Any minute now. Just a little more. One more push.

And then we ignite.

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