Open Up Your Guts

Love drips from her mouth like honey, and she wears a virgin white dress with a lace bra showing beneath. Pulling her close, I imagine what it would be like to run my hands over her breasts. My mouth upon her neck, I’ll taste her flavour and choke on its remedy. Talking to the wind, I repel ghosts. Feelings left alone in the rain; they become soaked to the bone and neglected with indifference. But it’s not hard to make them blossom. Affection and warmth. Honesty and passion. These are the seeds of growth that are needed. Kick everything else to the ground. Stamp on apathy, and set fire to cheating hearts. A sinking sun on what is done. In her white dress, she’s the moon. Watching me as I come, she tilts her head to one side in wonder. Eager and shy, and full of lullabies. The truth of what I am, ready to show itself once more. Half monster. Half angel. Starless, and bible black. I’m an eater of peaches, and I spit out false deities just like I break hearts. All those bodies, stained by my touch. Those seeds of destruction planted in juicy bellies. The years come and go, and so the story grows. My mind, consumed by madness. I tried denying it, but luckily for me, it finally prevailed. But I’m not mad; I’m just a lover of magic. There’s more to life than routines. Step outside, and savor something beyond what you’ve been lead to believe. Open up your guts, and see what’s there. Let go of all those tainted hands. Photos have no meaning, nor do memories. The past is a lie. So take the moon-girl in your arms, and embrace her like there’s nothing left to lose. No whores, nor mountains of darkness. Shining fragments of tigers, and kissing skulls of fragility. And this one’s so, so fragile. Turning the pages of a book with a smile on her face, I tell her to be happy. She asks why, and I reply, for you’ve become another link in the chain of destiny. The future’s been waiting since it all begun. Everything that happens etched into the fabric of time. So don’t resist me, and don’t fear the reaper. It’s all part of a grand design, and we can never shake it off. Just take my hand, and let me show you all that needs to be seen.

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