Beauty And Loss

She’s only got herself to blame. All that love, blowing like the wind with nowhere to go but down. Broken and abused. Cheap dreams and guilt. Watch in horror as your world collapses. This is what you wanted; this is what you get. A cute little liar with opaque words dripping from your mouth something awful. Cats eyes and bulimia. All those memories covered up and beaten into submission. All that hope traded for whoever stumbled into view next. No magic. Just humdrum affairs not worth remembering. When did you become just another lost soul? When did you become, some other face among the crowd? Wheels. They always turn, even when you’re not looking. They move and they spin, with or without. Cruelty. It’s just what comes naturally. There’s nothing that compares. So much hostility when there should only be warmth. Life’s too short. There’s not enough time to be wasted on those with no self-worth. Kicking feelings to the kerb is just so easy. Leave them alone. Let them destroy themselves. It’s not nice, but it’s all down to them. They’ve sown their seeds with indifference. Care is nowhere. Nor is tenderness. Don’t let them wear you down. Fight against it like it means something. Sing to obliterate. Sing to destroy all that threatens your soul.

Silence. Uttered and withdrawn. Mirrored like mothers love. Fragments of meaning. Words as religion. Truth and belief, more than physical relief. History repeats. Lights of learning, floating above her careful head. A halo of innocence. Tears of regret. Bending spoons, my language is confusion. Picked veins divided by secret suns. Stars. Bursting with the love of a thousand sinking towns and cities. Too many holes. Seclusion not enough. Half of what I’ve got to give is more than anyone else. My passion is beyond pity. It stands up like a nail. Piss on what you call a life, and piss on every inch of dim, tepid failure. She’s more than a woman. It’s in her smile. It’s in the madness behind her eyes. So gentle she is. The way her love sighs over scented bed sheets. The way she slips through my defence. There doesn’t need to be war. Let go, and say hello to what matters most. Happiness painted on her hips. My hands around her breasts, I’ll breathe her in and thank God I’m alive. Go to sleep, and dream of us together. The way we melt. Tasting it is all I dream. Eyebrows and navels. Fingers and toes. Come on, and love with all you’ve got. Tear out your guts, and show the world what you’re made of. Do it now, and be proud of putting it all on the line. Wheels. They’re moving fast. Don’t get left behind. Cling to her, and tell her everything you can. Shadows. Beauty. So beautiful. It’s all so fucking beautiful.

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