Love and beer. Flowing through my veins. Romance, etched into the flesh that wraps around tender bones. Winter in her smooth embrace. Summer beneath her dress. Entwined, like vines and history. Of the earth, we’re servants to something more. Behind our eyes, it dances like the flames of a candle. There’s not enough like us. Whilst the rest of the world bows down to rational passion, we crave magic. Whilst others cherish boredom, we embrace the splendour of hidden delights. Flowers, reaching for the haze of bright lights. Neon shadows, kissing the scars of our past. The blood that’s been spilt, still so honest and pure. The links that connect us, holy like the stars in the sky. Silence. Dust. Angels of divine youth. How it all dazzles so fine. How exquisite this all is. Let me never forget these days. For these days, I find myself so strangely alive. The danger of colliding souls. Craved like redemption.

Don’t fear what you feel inside. Let love and emotion rule without doubt. Hush that loneliness. Calm those trembling nerves. Stay beautiful, just the way you are. Reflections on pale lips. Fingers, running through auburn hair. Scented and soft, it lulls and seduces. Trust the dust. Ask only for the chance to be with the one who loves you. Cling. Cling to the one who beats inside of you. That face, smiling within your mind from so far away. Emotion was once something quite obscure. There was a time, when to open up meant the worry of being found out. To be honest, was a terrible thing indeed. But now, now it’s the only way there is. Every uttered word, as vital as life. Speak them with conviction. Do it every second you can. Breathe in the lust of what we all are. Worship every atom. Celebrate it all. Because what else is there, when faced with infinite dusk. Lucid and stupid, don’t betray what makes you smile in the dark.

Taste each other beneath a full moon. Swallow and caress. Be natural. Clouds are weightless. The trees sing with a voice quite wonderful. These hours, a calm befalls me that subdues all pain. There’s simply no need to allow the hurt back in. Banish useless junk. Get rid of it all. If it doesn’t make you feel good, throw it away. Be gentle. Be kind. Show the one you love, that you’re not afraid to be vulnerable in the face of desire. Shapes on the ceiling as smoke leaves my mouth. Body tired, the day escapes. Stillness all around, nothing else matters. Everything is meaningless in the face of meaning. Tiredness takes me away. Ascending with creation, reflection makes me stronger. Look deep inside, and see what matters most. Realise, that this is what we are. Know, and keep on going. Keep believing in a future where emotion rests in the palm of our fragile, open hands.

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