Wrapped Up In You

There’s a place where lovers go. Dreamers and monsters too. There’s a state of mind that brings nothing but bliss. Escapism. Truth and stars. A vision of perfection. The maze of flesh and brains temporarily subdued, all rules are betrayed. An intake of breath, and a cry of delight. Toes curled; fingers bit by teeth of snow. Piece by piece, we lose ourselves to fragments of oblivion. Hips and thighs. Legs spread across floral bedsheets. Sail into my heart. Come with me, and become one. Red. Always red. Your lips. The ones you smile with, and the ones I tease and tickle. You know this is how I am, yet you never try and stop me. You’re something cute, and I’m a machine. These games we play, spiralling out of control with every passing second. Plucking tongues and feathers. Smoke rising from the mouths of the damned. Throbbing bones and decadence. Golden whiskey burning guts in may. Eyelashes like blades of grass. Summer touched and lighter than air. Fluid. Flux. Butterflies, dancing without a care. Blown through trees of disease, they circle joyous minds. From morning through till dawn, they serenade her as she succumbs to pleasure. Purity and pacification. Doe-eyed silence. From the streets to the shore, I always want more. Deceived and scorned, my soul darkened glass. Sand sweeping around her feet, the corn in my hand is placed between her breasts. She’s earth and mother. Lover. A plague below her navel. In his shadow, she wonders what’s inside of him. The truth must be explosive. His intentions, somehow unfathomable. Beyond meaning, there can’t be a reason. Abstract. He’s a wizard and a fool. The product of unbecoming. The only way to tell is between the sheets. That’s where everyone tells the truth. Body to body, there’s nowhere to hide. Secrets revealed and consumed with greed. Licking lips, honesty is to be found in the arms of the one who makes you feel real. Artefacts of origin. Footprints from womb to tomb. A garden of heavenly delights, swimming all around. Beacons of oneness. All shiny and beautiful. There’s something in the way she moves. It travels outside of time. She can’t be contained. It just won’t happen. Break away from crumbling lovers. Give yourself to what makes you smile inside and out. It’s not difficult. Not really. Think of who makes you happy, and cling to them like there’s no tomorrow.

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