Receiver of semantics. Crushed like skulls, crack’d and fuck’d to kingdom come. Racks of angels, juicy like a peach, ripe beneath a darkened sun. Husk. Lonesome rust, left out in the rain for untold years. Tired, wired. Tripping on lines and fingering holes of abstraction. No exits. Only solvent abuse and acid reflux. Split down the middle, muscles relaxed and ready for fun. Kitten, come hush your meow. Tap my knee, and curl around my feet. Circling like birds, a creature of distinction. Rain splashed howling, all eyes in sequence to the shores of whores. Lack’d. Trick’d. Pluck’d. Sized up girl, ready and willing for the call. Clutching orbs and sepia whims, this is the magic, that gives us wings. Fingers itching, teasing as she grins. Teeth white sharp. Swallow me whole.

Heroes. Machines. Lovers of lucid tongues. Shoot from the hip. Grab hold, and shower with sordid lust. Own, blown and devoured. Crimson skylines hanging on shoulders untrue. Doomed. Entombed. Buried beneath neon nightmares. Flesh unclean, set fire to sickly insects beyond repair. Drink beer. Read Marcus Aurelius. Totem poles up high, decipher my chemical chain of desire. Ink three letters on my hand, and watch as I suck them clean. Lifting up her dress. Compressing elements of zero into the walls of her belly. Let me lower myself, and teach her a lesson. Let me push myself in, and do it all through the night. Watching with the moon shining through the window, there’s nothing to stop me as I take control. Pieces of her heart, sighing syllables unclear.

Refrained. Contained. Swarm’d and pick’d like it were just too easy. Legs of fantasy. Reflections unclean. Strip her naked, and gaze at beauty. Open mouthed and delirious, flick a cigarette and blink three times, just to let her in. Plagues and vanity, nailed into the base of my spine. Ribcage inverted, snuff out her fears and cut them clean off. Through trees and buildings unseen, this journey is forever unknown. The steps too hard to unravel, just close your eyes and see what’s inside. Lay me down upon broken leaves, and slide your body next to mine. Let me cradle a tender mind, and breathe madness into normality. Open up your arms, and embrace all that you can’t understand. Put a little faith, in what can’t be measured by money. Step outside, and dance to a different tune.

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