Stay in for a few days. It’s the best thing for it. No energy for actions. No patience for words. Leave me alone, and let solitude swallow me whole. Drifting in and out of sleep. Silence so beautiful. Sacred space, undisturbed. Peaceful like the birth, of original thought. Closed eyes. Restless hearts. No promises. Only truth. Translucent flesh. Light and dark, blowing like weeds in a lonely garden. Headaches and heartbreak, some place out there amidst the ghosts at dawn. Run a bath, smoke a cigarette. Be natural. Ask only for time and forgiveness. Wrapped up in you. Protected from the outside world. From the horrors that sink their teeth in. Be warm inside a nest. Be safe in the arms of someone who wants you. Escape the hidden depths.

Sit in the shade. Watch ants and beetles scuttle on by. The sun burns my arms. It warms my face. Sounds of dreams, crying from some far away town. Inhale smoke, breathe out regret. No words, only the comfort of being numb. Flies and birds, moving with ease above my head. Trees, calling my name as everyone swims around me unseen. Push and pull. Take a break, from all those aches and strains. Roses in the window. Bottles of scent, reflecting ageless beauty upon my chest. Should eat, but food is useless. Liquids too. States and nations, swirling in the maelstrom of war. Our birthright, to destroy all in the name of instinct. Blood and stone, in our souls with no way out. Set aside the rage, if only for a moment. Look at the ones who love you. Take a moment to realise, that happiness is there. Invisible but beating, with a pulse so sublime.

The hard path. To stay when others run. Minefields and mazes. Keep searching. Seek a journey, that no one else could possibly take. Walk with conviction. Speak with honour. Don’t chew the fat, keep clean of all that has no meaning. Crocked highways, have no place in the lives we lead. Buildings as graves. Cemeteries, where hope is cast adrift. No saviour penetrates its walls. Scattered ambition, so lifeless and dull. A gift of childlike enthusiasm. A desire, to become as free as the sky. To laugh with triumph, every single day. To smile, each and every second. Youth, the key to all futures. Find a doorway, and become what you once were. Look inside, and breathe like you did, all those many years ago.

There’s more than this.

In ruins are the seeds of life. In destruction, my vision is reborn.

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