Happy Like Murderers

they say we’re happy like murderers 
a perfect storm of 
lust and insanity 
smeared across 
cruel, blood red lips 
there’s something between us 
that they’ll never understand 
there’s a way of being 
that goes beyond mere 
ways of seeing 
together, we burn like flares 
flung into the darkness 
points of origin 
shining through the void 
we can’t be denied 
and we can’t be ignored 
drinking on the porch 
making love in fields of corn 
we’re physical 
more than just 
our hearts belong to madness 
doomed to the fate 
of forever being apart 
immoveable like mountains 
these obstacles will always 
stand firm 
but tonight, tonight we fight 
for what’s in our veins 
and oh, how it flows 
how it pumps, so steady and true 
so beautiful and 
so lets get lost 
lets give in 
to what lies beneath 
once more 

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