Do What You Want With Me

Times hand won’t catch me. The watchful eyes of the damned, so pointless and sterile. Grow a beard. Feel your balls harden with every passing hour. Smoke a cigarette, drink a beer whilst watching bombs and whores destroy all in sight. All flowered up, the bodies of women circle red holes slashed into the fabric of my sensitive mind. The sky burns, mouths pressed invisibly into mine. Cute teeth and skin like ice cream. Mourned love, glistening upon eyebrows and sultry upper lips. Pouting, doubting lover, sat beneath a clear blue sky. Church bells and perfect lawns. Swings, chains, and a warm breeze that blows through the flowers of picturesque afternoons. Lazy. Calm. Subdued. Undress. Jerk me off, and watch as I feel the love of a thousand angels, dancing in my soul for a fraction of a moment. My seed it’s yours. Take it as a gift. Do with it what you will.

Show your bones, and all that you keep hidden. Let me see your insides, and taste the colours that combine to make you all that you are. Sing a little something, to quicken my heart. Let the blood pump through my wicked veins, with no hesitation. Let the urges tighten my throat until I can’t breathe anymore. Haunt me. Control me. Dance into my ribcage, and smash me to pieces. Let’s fuck, and be consumed by lust and madness. Lets ignite. No shame. No holding back. Only human after all. These days won’t go on forever, but together, we can escape to a place free of restraint. Just let me tickle you real good. Let my body and mind dissolve your fears. No more broken yesterdays. Doubt into faith just won’t go. Freedom in the answers we give each other. Between the sheets, there’s nothing else that matters. Pleasure, so easy to see in the dilated pupils of your eyes.

Legs. Breasts. A belly to rest my head against. Teeth to tap, hands to spread wide and shine. Tongue to lick and taste. Visions of ecstasy and birth, pure like stardust. Slipping in and out. A hungry monster looking to consume. Take my hand, and do what I say. Give me everything. Give me wonder, just the way it should be. Stockings. Tights. A dress adorned with flowers. A bra that just gets in the way. Panties tossed to the floor. Bodies. Hushed. Cascade. Fade. Cool waters that wash over me as we journey to a place where no one else goes. Mystery in your gaze. Secrets in the way my words call to you through a sea of blurred faces. Spines, alive with electricity and desire. These things I do. The way my hands push your face down into the pillows. The way I fill you up, and get harder and harder with every moan and cry. Oh, that mouth of yours and the way it opens so delirious and true. A victim of pleasure. No need to lie or deny. Enjoy the passion that makes you smile. Enjoy every second, because there’s just no way of knowing when it’ll end. So end with me, and never look back.

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  1. πŸ˜› wish they had a biting lip emoticon πŸ˜‰ Something about your writing speaks to me, I think it’s the harsh tone I feel when talking about something deeply emotional, the contrast of passion and aggression or not.

    • πŸ™‚ It touches me that my writing has that effect on you! I think to strike a chord with someone through my words is one of those things you just can’t quite describe! Thank you for enjoying my stuff, I’m glad it speaks to you in such a way πŸ™‚ x

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