Golden Honey

Love is the devil. Against time, we struggle so hard to understand who we really are. There are no answers, only questions. No destinations, only islands in time. Chasing tails, we get caught up in useless formalities. Just let go, and take hold of something more. Feel the heat of someone who gets under your skin. A long time dead, we need to embrace every little thing that makes our hearts sway in the moment. Give yourself to the beat of life. Feel alive. Worship sparks of creation and lust. Tolerate all those that you hate. Realise what’s important. Too much bloodshed. Too many wasted days. Take a second, and gaze into wanting eyes. Those eyes that taste so feverishly. Those eyes that have seen all there is to be seen. Truth. It’s all there ever really is. Lies mean nothing. Deceit less than zero. Show your bones. A horny toad, bathing in warm sunshine. Golden honey, like the glance of a lover one fine autumn afternoon. Don’t mourn. Yesterday will come around once more. Everything’s eventual after all. Hold on, and keep the fire inside burning bright. Smile that stupid smile, and stay true to who you are. Stay beautiful, you know the score. Stand up against doubt. Break down walls. Be unique, and be you. ย ย 

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