Images Of Youth



The lower men crawl with insects. In their lungs, and in their mouths. Vague blurs. Drifting in and out. Aversion. Perversion. Children of nowhere. Dead, and addicted to rainbows. Organic sex, so fluent in a language we know not of. Dumb and despaired. Depleted dreams and arsenic. Empty bottles of god, left cold like black eyed dogs howling in the rain. Unshaven. Unkempt. Kicked to the kerb, and scratched into collapsed veins. Human acne, scarred into the earth. No landscape unblemished. Killers aren’t we all. Linguistics of detached tendons. Peel them all back, and wrap those hands around sweet, tender bones. Little piggies. Snorting in the dark. Neon danger, splashed across naked bodies. Shapes in creased sheets. Faces in the clouds high above our heads. Pavements of trash. Flowers shooting through floorboards. Reach for the light. Ask for a little warmth. Cuddle and kiss. More than a woman, far across the sea. Remember what it used to be like, when to be natural was so easy. Hands and lips, giving like only a lover can.

Hatred painted on shallow brows. Dreaming of a place in time that no longer exists. All exits, covered with lies and teenage blood lust. All those dead stars, reflected in the whites of my eyes. Romance, spinning with scattered leaves on a winters day. Beauty and truth, lost like cheating hearts. The sky is empty. Past or future. Shakespear, drunk on old smiles. Dignity, pissed into the gutter of some town left to crumble out of mind. Indian summers. Souls of virtue, trying so hard to fix the world. A test of resolution. A marker of self belief. Eternity in the early hours. Rising suns and tired minds. The people who we were always destined to be, dancing with the tigers at dawn. Broken idols. Failure so sweet. A mess of culture. Gentle hands, and honest silence. To celebrate pain and desolation. To change into something majestic. Transformation through memories. Repeat and repent. Lovers like acid. Thrown onto limbless statues. Serenade the naked. With quotations waved goodbye. Frozen lakes. A mosaic of cracks, so intricate and sincere. Be compassionate. Be loyal. Love until it hurts, and never stop caring.

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