Steal The Sun

pretty girls make graves/donkeys under starlight 

starved in half/worshipped so sweet 

souls just holes/stuffed with contempt 

no cure only pain/ scorched into pale eyes 

sex without love/lifeless like a whore 

banality and the mundane/drip fed so cute 

morality no sense/obliterate with regret 

stained bodies/shackled by stained chains 

bourgeois so bloody bourgeois/unclean in sin  

lipstick covered cracks/so scared of beauty 

fragility not a weakness/tenderness not a fault 

build yourself around me/let go of the waste 

love not dreadful lust/soft not hard 

wipe those tears away/reborn bereft of doubt 

don’t fear the silence/no danger in the shadows 

leave it all behind/all those worthless feelings 

wrapped up in you/wrapped up in something true 

no ghosts/haunted by none 

steal the sun/wrap it around your heart 

love/only love 

with every breath/with every step

you take 

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