Fall Into My Arms


Give yourself to the arms of fate. Let someone save you when you need saving most. Don’t be afraid to speak the words you hide inside. Don’t be afraid to open up for fear of being shunned. Be crazy with devotion. Love until it makes you sick. What’s the point in keeping it all in when the stories you have to tell are so beautiful. Where’s the glory in being someone else when the person you are is far more wonderful. Dance with the shadows. Be mad like you truly are. A painter and a poet. A werewolf in love with the moon. An idea too wild to be controlled. Demons aren’t enemies if you can get them speaking the right language. Demons shouldn’t be feared, they should be embraced. What breaks you makes you. Failure isn’t weakness. It’s a sign that you care- that you tried in the first place. And the more you try, the better it tastes. Not success, but the fight. The battle to do it the right way. Footsteps, from quicksand to snow. Each one as meaningful as a kiss of desire. As important as a song in the midst of a great war. Keep on going no matter how far you have to go. Even when life seems so empty, the light is always within you. Keep it burning. Shine until the tears don’t stop falling. Never be afraid to show your bones. It’s the only way there is.

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