Girl got a grin on her lips. All doe-eyed and cute. Butter wouldn’t melt. But it does. In her hand and on her belly. My insides burn as she squeezes tight. She ignites the monster that resides behind these cold, blue eyes. Blurred images. Dented craniums. Flashing lights on the flesh of her thighs. Snakes and crows, serenading something wicked within. Fingers searching. Sinking in, until the warmth of pure shores takes over. Consumed by mirrors. Tickled by the dark. The ritual act. The merging of plague lovers. The physical world making way for the next. Eaters of dreams. Smokers of fine cigarettes. Abstract feeders. Prolific deceivers. No anxieties, just a sense of wanting to belong Portals. Gateways to the banging of backward drums. Entranced by myths. Seduced by shifting shapes beneath darkened spheres of truth. She stalks the ground. She opens doors to new ways of seeing. Ways of being that have no boundaries. We cannot choose but see. We cannot deny what we are inside. Bound by fate. Drawn together by a longing to feel more than just human. It’s beyond reason. Beyond our wildest imagination. They call me Mr Boogie. They like how I do them. She begs me to stop, but she never wants it to end. Within me, I am infinity. The way I touch, it tears her apart atom from atom. And the way I am inside of you, it gives you a reason, never to want to wake up. So come now girl, and walk the edges of oblivion.

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